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Hey Guys,

Is there any free way to off load wp media images, i found some but they’re mostly paid -

•Amazon S3
•DigitalOcean Spaces…

You know any other “FREE” stuffs??

you can use Cloudflare CDN


Google Cloud Storage has an always free tier with 5 GB of storage. Amazon S3 has a free tier too, but only for the first year. Oracle Cloud also has quite a generous free tier, with 20 GB of free storage.

If you’re looking for completely free file hosting with no limits, then dream on, because storage isn’t free.


Nah…btw thanks.

Hi Druvx13,


  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Cloudflare Pages
  • ImageBB
  • Imgur
  • Flickr
  • 500px
  • ImgBox

There are heck tons of free services that would happily store and host images for you, even Gravatar if you know the trick, but I do wonder why you need such an offload when you already have a free hosting at hand…:thinking:

info source

free image hosting - Google Suche


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Do any of those services actually support offloading the WordPress media library?

Remember, you need something that has more or less a filesystem-like API where you can upload the media, and supports direct linking. The point of using media library offloading is that you don’t store any media on your site itself anymore, to save disk space, bandwidth and hits on your hosting account. A good solution can integrate seamlessly into WordPress.

I know that Imgur doesn’t support direct linking to images anymore. In my experience, this is common for image sharing sites, because having people actually go to their site is part of their business model.

Cloudflare CDN just acts as a CDN, it doesn’t provide media storage capabilities. Cloudflare Pages can host files, but the idea is that you build and push the entire site on every deployment, which is a really nasty experience for a media library.

Cloudflare does have their R2 object storage offering, which provides a 10 GB free tier. That could actually be a good fit for media library offloading.


I think I might have gotten the idea of offloading idea differently, I thought-focused on the traffic burdens rather than storage.

Alternatively, simply pasting in a 3rd party link in the insert box when using the image will also perform hotlinking, yet others can indeed check on the referrer header and block that request fairly easily.

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