WP install problem


Two days ago I successfully installed WP. Setting it up hour by hour. But, when I use another browser to check out how the site looks it only shows the default screen of a new account of one page…not showing my updated results of my wp site at all. To top it off, and this is major. I found out that the only way to see my wp site is to add /wp at the end of my URL. I don’t want this displayed to the public… just [yoursitehere.com] not [yoursite here.com/wp]

I obviously have done something wrong or did not check/uncheck something for this to happen. All help is welcome and appreciated in advance. I’m not looking to “redirect” my wp site. This is not a Support issue…I can’t receive support for free hosting…just super fast hosting and I will take that any day.

When installing a script with Softaculous, make sure to check the “In Directory” field. Softaculous has the weird default of installing all scripts to a specific sub directory. You’ll probably want to empty it before starting the installation.

Issue resolved, thank you