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is there anyway to change the wp-admin url without accessing the dashboard?

You can change the wp-admin url with the help of plugins. The one that I’d recommend is “Hide My WP” though you will have to pay unless you take one of those free GPL licensed ones or you take a nulled one (WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND AND IS NOT SAFE). :slightly_smiling_face:

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but for that i need to access my dashboard to activate and use my brother changed using that plugin and forgoted the url

Then deactivate it manually with ftp by going to htdocs/wp-content/plugins and rename it to anything else.

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if i deactivate does the changes revert?

yep, also check this:

What if I deactivate the plugin. Does it return everything back?

Absolutely ! Just deactivate it from admin panel and it will revert back. If you used ‘New WP-Admin Path’ make sure to remove or comment (//) related line in wp-config.php.

If you use a cache plugin you may need to flush it. If the plugin was deleted or renamed suddenly you need to visit Settings ->Permalink page (just visit nothing more!) and everything will revert back, too!

Since version 4, you can undo to previous saved settings whenever you want.

So remember to remove the bit on wp-config which goes like this: define("ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH", "/xxxxxxxxxxxx");


@anon12237952 would have to access the dashboard for that, which he/she cannot do at the moment.

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thanks @anon19508339 @Technical.Legendz

my problem solved thank you so much.