After installation wordpress… Supposed to be able login domain.wp-admin but I cannot log in. I have to try to delete and install again and again but still cannot log in. please help me. TQ

What is your website URL, and what are you seeing? Please also include what you’re really seeing, not just “I cannot login”, and please post in the right category for the appropriate type of issue (if you’re posting in “Hosting Support” please also consider to compile the template) next time.

Well, I don’t know how to explain it. my web is http://lolscrub.com. You can try to click http://lolscrub.com/wp-admin/

For me it shows ads, but it’s pointing to our nameservers, so the problem should be that the DNS records may be corrupted. Can you try to remove the domain, add it again from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel and then re-install WordPress and see if it works, if not wait for 24 hours?

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Okay. I will try it. Then look it after 24 hours. Thanks for your advice.

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I see that your domain does not point to the nameservers of InfinityFree

For that you can replace it with ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com and wait after a few hours, DNS propagation usually takes between 24-48 hours.

After you see the landing page, your site is ready to use

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Friends, hello. I have a similar question (problem). Can’t sign in to domain/wp-admin. I enter the login and password from my account (Login to your account - InfinityFree), but the service does not accept them. Shows an error all the time. My site was open (http://ss-servi.center) 5 minutes ago. Now it does not open. What is the problem?

Please note that you need to login with the username and password you created for your WordPress site when you installed it. Unless you copied the details yourself, your hosting account details are not the details you use to login to WordPress.

If you forgot the password, you can either reinstall the site or try to reset it: Resetting Your Password « WordPress Codex

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Thank you, it is. I didn’t guess …

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