Wp-admin showing error 500 after failed up update

My website URL is:http://www.makesualive.com/

I’m using this software: Wordpress

I have did an auto update of wordpress in the wp-admin, which is failed i guess. After that i saw http 500 error message.

then i enabled the error message to see the exact error, first the ms-site file was missing in wp-includes, then showing this one.

Please help how to resolve the issue.

Do you have anything important? If so, back it up by downloading the files. Get the latest version of wordpress in a ZIP file, and then extract the files. Delete the current wordpress installation, and then upload the new files. Remember to visit install.php

Thanks for your help, I am reinstalling the newer WP version manually.

Please note that you DO NOT need to delete the entire installation. You can fix an existing installation without losing all your data. Just follow the instructions from this article and you can safely fix your website without losing data:



Noted, thanks.

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