Wp-Admin Login Error

im not able to find my admin panel… i want to costomize my website but im not able to access my admin login.
please can any one solve my probleme help mi. i need help of you…
its shows “This Page Isnt Working” (https://www.bangerlyric.xyz/wp-admin/)

That problem seems to be caused by Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL, which requires that the website URL on WordPress is set to HTTP before you can make HTTPS requests correctly. I described a fix long time ago here, but that doesn’t have the corrections to the grammar I made, so here’s the new corrected one:

  1. Go to the Control Panel, then click on “MySQL Databases”.
  2. Click on “Admin” next to the database you want to manage.
  3. Find the wp_options table (or whatever it’s called, depending on the database prefix used to install WordPress).
  4. Change the siteurl and home values to include the HTTP version of the website URL (for example, https://yourdomain would become http://yourdomain) and execute the query.
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