Wp-admin isnt working please help

i finally installed WordPress after PHP issue but i unable to login in wp-admin when i fill password and username it just redirect me to homepage of site please hep

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mine is doing the exact same thing. i think it have something to do with softtucus. something like that. it’s messed up atm

What’s the URL to the website?

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It’s because your IP is suspended. Don’t fret, not InfinityFree account, (the one you use to sign in to InfinityFree) the one your website is on. (epiz_XXX)

Please look at this topic made by Admin.

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but i made my website 3 days ago
so whats the problm

looks like due to missing extensions due to upgrade, you’ve to wait till they fix the issue :slight_smile:


Yes I am also facing this same problem

Yes, @ShashiJaiswal is also experiencing this problem. This is why I shared this possible solution in the other topic:

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