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Hi i’m trying to login to my wp adm panel but my username and password seems to not be correct? I’m entering the information found in my account details. Thanks

I’m guessing by “wp” that you mean WordPress right? If so, than it depends on how you installed it, either with Softaculous or manually. With both methods, you should’ve been able to set a username and password for the admin account. If you didn’t than I believe that the username should be admin with password as the password by default. I haven’t used WordPress in awhile though,so I’d be grateful if someone could correct me if I’m wrong.

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@anon54841129, you are a bit wrong. On the Softaculous WordPress install, the password is “pass” by default and should be changed, along with the username, that should be “admin”, if you want to and to prevent bruteforce. On a manual WordPress install, a strong password is generated by default, but you can change it if you want to, with the same applied to the username that is by default always “admin”.
I used WordPress many times, even on my website, and I know how the installation methods work.

btw it says: ERROR : Invalid email address

If you forgot the password, you can manually reset it through the database like so: Resetting Your Password « WordPress Codex


Thanks so much, i solved the issue with the information you said before. I will change default user name and password now.

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