Wowonder not sending/reading files over FTP cloud storage

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I bought wowonder. I seted up ftp for cloud storage but wowonder is not able to read or add images or files to /uploads folder

If you honestly bought WoWonder ($99), you can afford premium. Nulled scripts are not allowed here.


Dude, I have hosted my domain on ifastnet directly via another account.
Does ifast has forum section like infinityfree?
If you don’t want to help me, that’s ok but don’t post irrelevant things

So you are using iFastNets hosting? In that case, ask them, not us. This fourm is only for InfinityFree users.

I do want to help, but I don’t enjoy helping rude people. My post was defiantly relevant, I invite you to read it again.


iFastNet has a forum on, but it’s not for support and not visited so much.

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