Working HTML Page gives 404 error

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I am beginning to migrate some new pages for live service.
While testing some new pages, one page with nothing but HTML keeps showing a 404 error. I can look at other HTML pages by going to and see them, but this particular one – firstThankYou.html keeps showing the 404 file-no-found error. I’ve uploaded it more than once thinking it might have gotten corrupted somehow, but that does not seem to be likely. The same error appeared.

How can this behavior be resolved?

This file?

Thank you for your order!
Please make your payment to the Payment Address provided in the accompanying confirmation e-mail. This should match the currency specified in your order. Once your transaction has been verified, you may go to the Downloads Page, enter your Payment ID provided by email to receive your dowload link.
A link to the Product Downloads page is here in the menu. Click the menu button at the top left of this page.

It’s there. Remember that your browser caches files so it does not strain your internet/bandwidth. Try clearing your cache.


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