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My wordpress’s behavior is different comparer with it working on another cloud host services.

Normally, as creating and editing post, we can see “categories” &“Featured Image” TAB in the “post Settings” .

However, “categories” &“Featured Image” TAB haven’t been shown in the Settings. Strangely, They have been shown SOMETIME.

What I’ve done is to add following line in the botom of functions.php for aiming to solve “Featured Image” problem. But it doesn’t work so far


I emphasis that the SOMTIME “categories” &“Featured Image” TAB have been shown and disappeared. After changing “Screen Options” Enable/Disable “categories” &“Featured Image” repeatedly.

Is it possible if guess server performance affects this issue inside process of wordpress.

Sounds like a theme issue. Certain themes do not work well on free hosting.
Have you tried switching to default theme?


Yes ,I have. I’ve changed themes between default and 3rd party’s many time

Did you have too many plugins installed?
Sometimes this could have affected the WP behaviour as well.
Afterall, this is free hosting. Resources are limited.


I installed 4 plugins and enabling 2 of them.

The another host service which normally shows “categories” &“Featured Image” TAB uses 9 plugins.

I would try to avoid heavy plugins like Elementor or WooCommerce on free hosting.
You may have to do some trial and error on your own.


Even disabled all plugins , the problem hasn’t been solved.

When did you try this on the other hosting providers where it did work?

This post on the WordPress forum from last January shows some compatibility issues with some themes with WordPress 5.9 (and likely later versions too):


This post lists a few possible reasons why this could happen. Could you please check if those apply to your theme as well?


Thank you for the information, I’ll ask this problem at wordpress community.


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