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There are particular actions in the new WordPress that Infinity doesn’t allow. ie. update site logo etc

This is normally done through themes.
Any errors? Please write clearly


Yes, usually done through customiser for a .CSS theme base, but the new block theme twenty twenty-four you need to go to the editor and select the header, we should be able to select an image for ‘site logo’ block from media or an option to upload,however this isn’t showing.

I’ve tested a fresh install , doesn’t show.
Installed WordPress on Oracle OIC and it shows the upload action.

You can manually enter customiser.php and select a site icon but not a logo.

I switched back to a .CSS based theme and went through customiser to select a logo and then switched back to a block theme, it works.

Curious as to why certain things show on other WordPress installs and not instances on Infinityfree. Is it something related to the problem with site health status?

Are you sure that this is not caused by the Theme you are using? Many WordPress themes offer “free” basic themes but charge money to unlock premium features (e.g. updating logo). So, not being able to update the logo is probably caused by the WordPress theme you are using and has nothing to do with InfinityFree (they are just providing hosting services). You can test this out by switching to a different WordPress theme. See if you can change the logo on the new theme – if so, the other theme has prevented you from doing this until you pay them and upgrade to the “Pro” version of the theme.

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It’s nothing to do with the theme. I’m using the default WordPress theme twenty twenty four with FSE, completely free. As mentioned above, I have done a fresh install of wordpress on an Oracle service to test, same theme, it does not produce this, I am able to upload a logo directly from the editor. And whenever you try to make a WordPress header “sticky” it takes a while(freezes) but eventually shows an error message and you are unable to make the change. I have replicated bot of these errors on Infinityfree and on an Oracle cloud instance. Also my site health shows no errors on oracle, I understand certain things have been limited for security purposes on Infinityfree but with the new updates with WordPress and Gutenberg I’m wondering if these limitations are now causing these issues.These only occur on Infinity.

For arguments sake I activated another theme, didn’t change anything else and this error is still occurring. Changed the theme on an the oracle OCI and it’s working fine. It’s both same same. By process of elimination I do believe it has something to do with Infinityfree end, which is fine, I wouldn’t expect a free service to provide everything. Just curious what is stopping certain things.

Hi Baden89,

By observing your website, you seemed to be using Blockstarter theme.

The theme does not limit your ability to change the logo on the page so that’s not a paywall-related issue.

However, I can confirm this issue on InfinityFree, the cause is that this theme/editor has attempted to pull a lot of JavaScript files at a time per page edit, which means certain components will get 503 Service Unavailable error codes and hence not loaded. For my tests, most of them didn’t have the image upload component loaded correctly/at all.

This is completely by lottery and there is no control as to which gets to load first. Suggest to switch themes or make all necessary updates locally and push the whole thing up there via FTP and MySQL.



Ahhh this makes sense. Thankyou. I’ll setup up a local dev environment for testing and do some 80’s salt-n-peper push it just to make sure.

I switched themes just for arguments sake. I knew it wasn’t due to the other fresh install on Oracle but alas trial by error.

You’ve killed my curiosity cat, cheers!

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