i was trying to update my WordPress in my website and all of a sudden my website is all wiped out
is there a way i can retrieve it back?

Can you please give more info such as your domain name? What exactly happened?

Without much info the best answer I could give you is this:

The only way to restore a website is if you made a backup and restore it. Because this is free hosting there are no automatic backups.

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On my conteol panel under Softaculous Apps Installer
I updated WordPress in my site

It looks like there is a fresh installation of WordPress on your website. If you removed the old installation, and you don’t have a backup, it will be impossible to recover the old one. In the future, always take a full FTP and database backup before an update.

Out of curiosity, are the old files and comments for your site still in a database? You site may be able to partially be recovered if they are.


Check your database using the phpMyAdmin (DON’T DELETE ANYTHING or touch things you’re not sure of) and make sure your old WordPress DB is still there. Since the installation tool generates a random string for your database, and a table prefix, it’s quite likely these are still in MySQL on your site. Unless of course, you specifically chose to re-use the exact same names and then chose to delete any pre-existing DB/tables.

It’s a relatively simple process to hook your old DB back into the WordPress configuration once you verify they still exist.

As to the files, if you haven’t got your own backup, they may well have been overwritten when you installed a new WordPress - you can check this using the File Manager button within your InfinityFree client area. If you are lucky, your new WordPress installation didn’t install over the top of your old files, so you might find there are two WordPress directories beneath your //htdocs/ folder - have a look and see what is there. When I am installing something, I always modify the installation directory so that it creates a new one and doesn’t inadvertantly overwrite something that is already there.

But, re-creating the WordPress file structure is very simple - and you’ve already done this twice, each time you installed WordPress! So, unless you customised some of your old WordPress installation, such as creating your own custom theme, or modifying an existing one after installing it, you can just re-create the files by going through the installation process again -

If you discover that your old installation has gone because you or the automated process wiped it, it’s easy to re-create (and this might be your preferred option): within FileManager, rename the existing WordPress installation to whatever you had before (if it doesn’t already exist), re-upload any of your customise code, and modify the configuration so that it points to your old Database instead of the freshly created empty one.


how can i check if the old files are still in database?

Open PHPMyAdmin though the control panel, and click “Manage” on the database for your old WordPress site. Check the “Comments” or “Posts” table to see if the data is still there.

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