My website is not opening

Just check back in a minute.
May be you are upgrading WordPress version, changing theme or using a plugin that blocked traffic?

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If there is one, remove the .maintenance file from your htdocs folder with the File Manager.


Yes i changed my theme, and upgrading wordpress version. But i lose wordfence plugin. It’s not installing now. Any solution.

If you lost any plugins, install it again.
I think after upgrading WordPress, your site will return.

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Installation failed: Destination folder already exists. When i try to install wordfence plugin.

try uninstalling the plugins if you cant locate your plugin and delete it via ftp .that should worked


I deleted wordfence folder, wordfence.php in htdocs. plugin installation failed.

u may refer here Remove or Reset - Wordfence

How can i find .maintenance in htdocs. It’s not appearing.

Try to download the zip file and upload in plugin folder of your wordpress in your online file manager


Not Zip file itself. You’ve to extract your zip file. Then upload them into plugins folder while FTP client like FileZilla.

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Wordfence folder has 633 file. upload takes more time. In some files not found 404 errors.

I used another plugin to install wordfence plugin directly . Now
wordfence is working.

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