I had Infinity free WP for over one month now, and as I was adding my website to the WP app and it reported that my WP isn’t with WordPress even though it is. Please help me as I run a business and my site is usually pretty busy. I contacted WP and they said to contact InfinityFree because they have access to the server so they probably know what is up.

WordPress is right, we know what’s up. It’s a known limitation of free hosting that any sort of connections from mobile apps (except for mobile browsers, of course) are not possible on our hosting.

The reason for this is that we provide website hosting. In order to enforce this, a security system is in place which makes sure that your website can only be accessed through web browsers. This means direct API connections, like mobile apps do, is not possible.

If you want to learn more about how this works exactly and what the consequences are, please see this article:



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