Internal Server Error


No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 30 when it ended.

cpsrvd/ Server at scriptinstall.rocks

For me it now works; there was a problem on iFastNet’s end that caused the cPanel Service Daemon to crash.

Hey, Bro
help I have problems with webmail

I can not receive emails

now configure the MX records to mx.epizy.com

Domain: levelzero.ga
Data: mx.epizy.com
Priority: 10

note: if I can send emails from webmail

You’re using Cloudflare integration on the cPanel, which breaks MX records. Try to disable Cloudflare from the Panel, and then add it to Cloudflare by signing in using dash.cloudflare.com and changing the nameservers from Epizy/Byet ones to their ones.

Hi, I need help

I loaded Roundcube into a subdomain

But I can not configure the (IMAP Settings) or (SMTP Settings)

You can’t configure Roundcube with the “IMAP Settings” and “SMTP Settings” (double quoted them because they don’t exist either) on free hosting. You MUST use the Roundcube installation on!

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Okay thanks

I can only access my email accounts in

And it will not do to have roundcube.
In https://email.levelzero.ga

I need help
Hey, I also have problems with WordPress forms.

When I send a test, it does not reach my email.

Use the Plugins: Contact Form 7

You can point the subdomain where you want their installation of Roundcube to be installed to via an A record, but this requires your domain registrar nameservers/Cloudflare to do this, or use directly their IP/roundcubemail.
Are you using the Email Account created on the Control Panel or your Gmail email at the time of installation of WordPress? If that is the first option, remember that the sendmail() and mail() functions are restricted for activation emails only; if that is the second option try to install WP Mail SMTP, a plugin created by WPForms, and select “Other SMTP” as a sending option, then input as SMTP server smtp.gmail.com, as authentication type SSL with port 465 and authentication required with your Gmail email as username and your Gmail password (that will be the app-specific password if you enabled Two-Factor Authentication) as password. Remember to turn on “Less-Secure Apps” and remove the CAPTCHA request to login! After that try to send an email and you should receive it in your inbox with the actual message, not in the spam folder with a “noname” file.

Thanks bro
Resolved webmail

About the problems with the WordPress forms.

I used the email account created in the control panel
But now and changed by my Gmail account to configure “WP Mail SMTP”

But I have problems configuring the Plugin

By termini to confirm and I do a test from Plugin and I get the following error

Your SMTP account could not be identified.

My Plugin configuration
Email service: Other SMTP
SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
Encryption: SSL
SMTP port: 465
SMTP user name: My Gmail
SMTP password: my Gmail password

I’ve noticed an Italian word on your post - that word is “termini” and it means “terms”.
Make sure the SMTP authentication is on, then save the changes after inputting, go on “Test” and click on “Send Mail”.
If you have problems with the test mail sending make sure you enabled “Less Secure Apps” on the Google account settings and removed the CAPTCHA request on login.

I’m not familiar with that plugin or the error messages it generates, but the plugin description says that the plugin should offer a Gmail SMTP service. Can you try using the Gmail option rather than configuring it manually?

Doing so will probably use more secure authentication than SMTP, so you avoid having to deal with all the captcha stuff.

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