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August 6, 2022 4:23 am

I have been setting up InfinityFree for my WordPress Website hosting. I have successfully installed WordPress inside my free InfinityFree account. From there, I have gone ‘Add Plugins’ to access the WordPress plugins database, and have installed the free version of the WPvivid plugin. I need the plugin to import, export and internet transfer save files of my website project.

When I go into the version of WPvivid I have installed, to start using it, I obtain the following error message:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

-Is there an easy way for me to fix this error message? Otherwise, can you guys update and solve this bug, and broadcast an update for
the free and pay users of WPvivid Backup Plugin, within WordPress, for me/us, WordPress and WPvivid users worldwide?The error message can just click away, but I don’t know that it doesn’t forbode worse, being some severe issue that I can’t fix. I look forward to your response.


As suggested, the internet URL for my InfinityFree login is


Backup plugin do not work well on free hosting.
Your account will easily get suspended due to CPU, IO usages etc.

To do backup of your WP installation, you can:-

or use Softaculous to do the backup.


I can’t find where I should apply these settings, or how. They pertain to the WPvivid plugin, but I think they may be part of WordPress itself. Can you tell me where the one place is that I can type the corrected
versions of these settings is exists, for WordPress installed in InfinityFree CPanel? I don’t want to have to resort to updating MySQL. What is the simplest way I can insert and update these settings to their new values, so that WPVivid doesn’t signal with any errors when I go to restore my website in WordPress?

max_allowed_packet = 3M is too small. The recommended value is 16M or higher. Too small value could lead to a failure when importing a larger database.

memory_limit = 128M is too small. The recommended value is 256M or higher. Too small value could result in a failure of website restore.

You can presently find my issue at:


The temporary administrator username is:

The temporary administrator password is:

At worst, could you guys log in, effect the changes, and tell me what you have done and how?

These are not allowed to be altered on Free Hosting. Please upgrade to premium if you need that.

@moderators Also, remove the credentials, you account was probably already hacked.


Yes, you need high limits for backup plugins to work reliably. But we cannot provide high limits on free hosting, which is part of the reason why backup plugins don’t work well, which is why we recommend against using backup plugins.

You’re welcome to try to make WPvivid work. But don’t expect that it can work, and definitely don’t expect from us that we can make it work for you.


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