Wordpress WP-Admin issue

Website URL


Error Message

No error message, when i want use Wordpress anduse the domain name with /wp-admin/ behind it does not give me the option to logon to Wordpress manager, it keeps the same page as with the addidtion of /wp-admin/

I mean, without the addition.

Hi and welcome to the forum! For me your website works fine, and same goes to the WordPress login page for the administration page. Which page are you seeing on your end so I can understand the issue?


I remember one case before
where the user typed /wp-admin/ but did not delete the part of the URL that is part of the security system
so the URL was actually like this dietpicker.free.nf/?i=1/wp-admin/

instead of the correct URL http://dietpicker.free.nf/wp-admin/

so please pay attention to that !


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