Wordpress website down several times a day

My Wordpress website goes down three to four times a day, and most of the time, for more than 10 minutes. How will this be fixed?

website URL ?


Can you please clarify what exactly happens when the website goes “down”? What is the error message you see when the website is down for you?

I have Jetpack plugin that keeps sending me email that my website was down for 9 minutes and 10 minutes and all.

Also, during the period the website is down, I get a page where it says Cloudfare and Browser is working fine, but there’s a server error. Error 521, I suppose.


I am still suffering from this.

The IP address your website is on has been quite unreliable lately, which could explain some of the outages. We’re doing our best to get this fixed as soon as possible so your website won’t have these errors again.

In the mean time, you could wait for us to solve these problems, or add your domain name to a different account which is more stable.

I will do whatever is suitable. Thanks for help.

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