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When you try to update wordpress plugin’s or adon 's they will not install has anyone here had the sane problem ? If you need more info let me know

Hello there,

What is the error that you see exactly? And also maybe you can take a screenshot of the error you encountered and share it here.

Will not update wordpress

Read this about the missing extensions:

Until this is fixed, please manually install/update using FTP.


this is what happen after your update php and update a plug in

There is currently a problem with a missing extension that is causing an issue with updating plugins. Please read the announcement which @Technical.Legendz provided above.

Also the page you are seeing after updating a plugin is because WordPress creates a temporary maintenance file and sometimes there’s a chance WordPress isn’t able to delete the maintenance file automatically so you will have to delete the file manually. Go to your site directory and in the “htdocs” folder delete or remove a file named “.maintenance” and that maintenance page should go away.


What’s the eta on a fix of this problem?

There’s no ETA.

Not good for users that are part of a not for profit group. Just saying

It’s not good for anyone, and wouldn’t it be great if we could have no downtime! Unfortunately, that’s not how it works! Plus covid doesn’t help, social distancing and everything (Where I am at least).

But remeber, you can always host a static html site saying you have downtime.

Yes i agree with you there . I would like to reach out to ifastnet myself . do you have any contact information?

Don’t be too harsh on them, Because remeber they don’t know more than us, only the technicians know, but if not then create a support ticket at;


But remeber you need to make a new account, and don’t expect them to share many details about everything :slight_smile:

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