WordPress update problem


I tried to update wordpress 5.3 for my website but it looks like some problem occurs, my site is not working now and this is the message I got:

I don’t receive anything in my email either…

Can someone please help me fix this? Thank you.

This is what I see now

Can you try the instructions from this article?


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I followed the article and has successfully updated the latest version of WordPress but my site is still not working.

Right after the update, it returns this screen:

What should I do now? :frowning:

You need to remove the .maintenance file from your htdocs folder.


hi got the same problem i reinstal 3 times and did a manual instal and it gives the same error

Thank you. All problem solved now.

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have you been able to solve it? There is a link to recovery mode sent to admin email, follow that.

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