Wordpress update problem

Question for forum members. Do you get the following error message when WordPress tries to update?

Thank you

It looks that wordpress files are bigger than 10mb that cannot updated correctly.

  1. Try second tutorial on

As that is not the recommended way to do so (as you lose plugins and themes during the process), I recommend to follow this guide instead of what @anon19508339 linked to you:

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I think the FTP method described in that article does work, right? Plugins and themes are stored in the wp-content folder. So you can safely delete wp-includes and wp-admin before upgrading.


Current me if I 'wrong. if you remove the wp-admin you the ftp folder you would not be able to access your wordpress dashboard.

Yep. You cannot. But you HAVE to. After? You’ll go to client area (NOT WORDPRESS ONE) on app.infinityfree.net . Click on file manager. Go to htdoces folder. Then upload the wp-admin from the ZIP file into htdoces or where you’ve installed WP.

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I think you should go with a FTP client if you want to upload large folders, because of the maximum execution time limit on the File Manager server. Also, don’t forget to also delete and upload the new wp-includes folder from the extracted folder too!

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