Wordpress Update Failed, but was no problem before backup and restored

My website URL is: https://gamesofdevil.ml/

What I’m seeing is:

Got strange issues… 1. While trying to update theme. Installation failed: Download failed. The checksum of the file (d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e) does not match the expected checksum value (a28208bd5b917a96d200d15ac245020f) 2. While trying to update plugins. Update Failed: Could not create directory.

Had changed file permission for both themes and plugins folder to 777, same result.

p.s. I had made backup and restored to another user account on GCP, will that be the problem?


I’m using infinity free Hosting:

Additional information:


I Can’t Upload more than 10 MB
I Simply install themes or plugins in wordpress dashboard
then He shows the error

You can bypass the uploading limit by extracting the theme’s zip file on your computer and uploading the theme folder on htdocs/wp-content/themes/ with a FTP client, overwriting the existing one.
However, grammar issue: WordPress is not a person, but a tool; you can use “it” or “WordPress” to call it.

Why Can I Use Bypass?
Wordpress Gives u Permission To Download And Install Themes or Plugins etc… So Why Can I Use Bypass Setting?
Whats The Main Problem For Showing This Problem And How to solve this problem without bypass

You should upgrade to Premium Hosting to remove the file size limit and have more features.

Which version are you upgrading to? If you can tell me the version, I can check the file size to see whether this is really the problem. Given how commonly WordPress is used, making sure that WordPress can be updated is quite important.

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