Wordpress TTFB extremely long on first attempt


Hi, I just installed a new Wordpress site on a new account. There is a huge lag when a user first attempts to access the wordpress site, or when they haven’t accessed it in more than 30 minutes.

The time to first byte seems to be the culprit, but what’s causing the delay here?

Error Message

Only this was logged in the console:
Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response infinityfree.net/errors/404/ with MIME type text/html.

Other Information

This only happens for Wordpress.
I haven’t touched the Wordpress site. Everything is default.

Screenshot https://i.imgur.com/ZkwcdjX.png

Check this out


Hello @LeonLeon, I see that you’re new here!

This is what you get with free hosting. Also, note that the first load time is always long. Best of luck with that though!

That is because of the security system here at InfinityFree, the sad part is that no one can disable it, and is built for free hosting users!

WP-Cron is usually the cause for this. WP-Cron is an internal system of WordPress that allows WordPress itself, as well as plugins, to execute periodic tasks. Examples include checking for updates or clearing old data. WP-Cron is executed on page load, which means it will take a bit longer to show the page if WordPress needs to execute background tasks.

That’s unrelated. It just means that there is a URL on your page that isn’t found. Usually that’s the favicon.ico.


Thanks. I tried Disabling wp-cron.php in WordPress - Knowledgebase - EntirelyDigital

It did seem a bit faster, but still takes around 15 seconds to load.

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How to Set Up a Cron Job in cPanel Hosting (+ WP Cron) (wpmudev.com)

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