Wordpress; "This page isn’t working"

I copied the latest wordpress version and when opened the website for the first time it redirects to: http://myviewonlife.com/wp-admin/setup-config.php but i get HTTP ERROR 500.

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

Hello there,

You probably have installed a corrupt one or maybe it went corrupt when you copied it to your server. You could try to re-install WordPress using softaculous, there’s a higher chance of it working.

Please check the following KB articles provided by this user:


How can it be a corupt version if i downloaded from worpdress.org?

Well as what I have said you probably did something wrong or something went wrong while you installed WordPress to the server since HTTP Error 500 means that there is a problem with the server, there could be missing files or files that didn’t copied correctly (without you knowing) and it made this error because the server couldn’t run it due to files gone corrupted.

You can just try to reinstall it again either using Softaculous (recommended) or manually using FTP.


I deleted all files and now I am copying the version that worked on another webhost. If it doesnt work there has to be a problem with the host. But I will then try again with the Softaculous.

I’ll try to elaborate what HTTP Error 500 means.

So here’s a much more elaborate version:

HTTP Error 500 occurs when you install something but then some files went missing or corrupted (files that are incompatible with the server) then when you try to run that certain something, your browser will request the server to show the page but it can’t since it’s missing some files, it doesn’t know how or what to show the page and instead will send an error to notify the you that it cannot show the page as it is broken.

HTTP Error 500 can also happen if you install plugins to your WP site that are incompatible with the free hosting servers, like if you install plugin x and it has scripts that are disabled to be executed in the server then the server will send the error instead of a broken page.

I hope I explained it clearly since English is not my native language.

Or even enabling display Errors can help alot:

You explained it very good. Its just that there is nothing I can do if some files get corrupt while I copy my files with FTP. I just cant use this hosting service.

Thanks. If I get the same error I will enable errors

What do you know. Copying has not yet finished, but I already can start installing WP. You were right. Either the latest version has some bugs or when I copied before some files just failed to copy.

Either way everything is OK now.
Thanks guys.

Are you sure you can start? Because maybe some things work, but you’re likely to break your site if you start using it before all the files are there.

I did not do anything. I just saw the option to choose language what is the first thing wen opening WP installation. I waited for all files to finish and I am now set and website is running well. Thank you all for help.

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