Wordpress theme is not installing/showing


Why installed theme not showing on my WordPress site? I have been trying to install wordpress theme on my site , everything looks okay but later after installed and active theme, do not display while visit site.


I think its working coz this not default theme…
Try incognito mode or clear your browser caches

Which theme I have installed on wrodpress , show different theme while visiting website. I tried to change theme but after install do not show correct theme. Really annoying, I haven’t found solution of this problem…

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I see a blank page. Are you sure you installed WordPress correctly?


Yes I have installed theme correctly. But after installed and active theme and after visit site, installed theme do not display. Really annoying. Dont know what is the problem.

You can start by purging CloudFlare cached, followed by browser cache

Yeah I had also tried clear cloudflare cache abd every possible methods found on google but not working anything.

Working now. You have a lot of 404.
Make sure files are present


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