Wordpress support is needed


First when i try to add internal link to the front page i update the site and when i press it it shows that it is working and i am transferred to the second page. However when i close the computer and reopen it. the internal link is lost.
Second I used yoast SEO plugin to change the meta description for the front page. It is not displayed in google search and still the lorem ispsum text is displayed.
I need your advice please.

Can you describe more in detail? What is the url?
Provide screenshots to show what is working and what is not


Thank you very much for your fast response.
I wrote the metadescription however it is not displayed on google.
I uploaded the screen shots

Please note that it can take some time for Google to recheck your site and update the information in the search results. So it’s completely normal that changes to your website aren’t immediately reflected in the search results.


Thank you very much for the rapid response. I changed it 5 days ago and i confirmed the site ownership by google search console and still it did not change. Is this normal?

Yes. It can take months before google re-crawls the site, and even more time before the index is updated.


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