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I’m about to give up on trying to make a website (I’m new) posting here is my last resort, if anyone knows how to help please let me know:

I created a draft Wordpress website design, but because I’m new to it (and not a web developer). I hired a website designer on Fiverr, who completed their design 2 days ago and told me to take a look at the design and let them know about any changes I wanted. Their design still isn’t visible: ie. every time I go to look at the site it is still the old design, and their design has not uploaded yet… after 3 days! They say this is down to the fact I’m using this web hosting, Wordpress said this is likely the case to. Does anyone know how to get the new design to upload? How do I get the updated design? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as without the new site I can’t continue offering my services.

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Please provide your website url.

Hi, the URL is www.medinetmarketing.com, bear in mind the site you will see is an early draft design and not the completed product, and i am trying to understand why the new design uploaded by the designer has not yet updated. Thanks for your reply

isnt this the website?

yes thats the website, but like i said, that is the old design i produced in the first place, that isnt the design uploaded by the developer

Can you give me a screenshot of the new design?

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this is a screenshot of the new design, i can only send a screenshot from fiverr. I need to see the entire site so i can recommend changes to the design before i complete the order. The developer has just got back to me and said it is taking a long time to upload because the server is so slow?

Hmm. It shouldn’t take so long. Can you get back to me when the dev has updated it

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They say it may take 2-3 more hours as the servers are so slow and one of the files is causing it to take so long, once it has updated and i can see the site, thats the problem solved, but yes i will keep you updated, thanks for reaching out again it means alot


No Problem and thanks for posting to the InfinityFree Hosting Server!


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