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I think google siote kit is died on my wordpress site. I got an error: You are probaly offline but my connection works fine i thinks is a server error. How can i fix it?


Ok, can you suggest to me a wordpress plugin to see the insight only from the /wp-admin section so without needing to contact external servers?

Nope, I don’t use WP. Try searching Google



Also me i don’t use WP, now i am just testing

You can use specific plugins for each function of the site kit plugin.

  1. Rank math for SEO
  2. Exact metrics for analytics

I tryed today to post an article and i got the error: Update failed: You are probaly offline! What? How can i post now?

You did not specify a URL
but one of the possible reasons is

If you have mixed content on the site some of the underlying JavaScript might not load and then you will get these errors (offline).

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Try using the classic editor plugin .

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Same problem. I got the same error

I see, reinstalling might help I guess :smiley:.

Just a hunch: are you using Cloudflare by any chance? And are you using Automatic HTTPS Rewrites? Because that last option is a dangerous crutch that causes weird errors like this.


Thanks solved

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