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I’m sorry, but I did not find a similar topic. I’m going to increase site security with All In One WP Security plugin for Wordpress. Bruteforce attack protection option changes part of the link: /wp-admin/.
Has anyone had a similar experience? Plug-in creators write that this can break your site:

This feature can lock you out of admin if it doesn’t work correctly on your site. You must read this message before activating this feature.
NOTE: If you are hosting your site on WPEngine or a provider which performs server caching, you will need to ask the host support people to NOT cache your renamed login page.

Hello there,

For all I know hiding your real WP Admin Dashboard URL using that plugin should work just fine. I’ve tried it a couple of times before without really some issues before using another plugin which works the same way by hiding and changing your dashboard link.

So what are these “Advanced Features” by the way?

Also if it does lock you out of Admin, disabling the plugin via FTP by renaming the folder of the plugin should fully deactivate it just like deactivating a plugin via the WordPress dashboard and you should be able to login back to the dashboard again.


Thank you for your reply!
The fact is, a provider can use caching. I am afraid that after that I will not be able to get to the admin panel using the old link and the new one will not work either.

Thanks you!!!
I made a backup and tried this. It works!

So… your saying that that wp-admin doesn’t work nor does the new one?

No, everything is okay!
I previously tried to change this manually and the admin panel became unavailable. But with the plugin everything turned out fine.

ohh. and yet happened what I was afraid of(
new URL address gives an error page not found. and old /wp-admin/ URL gives default login page and after authorization appears broken version of the site without admin panel

Could you show a screenshot and your site domain?


and now after authorization I see:

There was an issue about wordpress login dashboard, please wait for a while.

Uff thanks! everything works now
theme settings are a little confused but it seems I restored it as it was before.

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