Wordpress return 404 Page Not found

Hi, I just started using your service this week, everything is amazing.
I create a website with native html in domain: http://popcornkiller.com/ ,
and then I install wordpress in http://popcornkiller.com/blog
the wordpress site should show when I point to http://popcornkiller.com/blog , in fact before this, everything working, but today I cant get http://popcornkiller.com/blog to work, it shows 404 page not found.

Can you help me with this , or if Infinity free actually does not allow these kind of hosting? Please let me know, thanks alot!

OK I get it, me myself actually delete wordpress components inside path:htdocs , Is that any way to recover that LOL

This hosting is allowed, does the /blog folder actually exist in popcornkiller.com/htdocs/blog in your cPanel? If not that is why!

gonna start over again lol, cant blame anyone for this , I never thought wordpress place components in htdocs folder as I was thinking to renew my native html page

Contact me on Twitter @BaileyJM02 if you need any help, I’m happy too, as I have made my website (https://Bailey.cf) from scratch (mostly)

can I have your facebook? I dont have twitter account

Email me: [email protected]

At any time WordPress gives you an error and you know the page is there, check the dashboard > settings > permalinks.

This can cause some issues. If you need help with setting your wordpress up, I am willing to offer my services for a price of a referral reference and ability to add your website as a client.

I have WordPress knowledge. I am willing to offer my services to beginners to help them set up the website for a reference and ability to add them to my client list.