Wordpress restore backup problem

I have installed WordPress on hosting

I installed wordpress on the hosting, then installed the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to restore the wordpress backup, but when I send a file with an extension (.wpress) via ftp, this one is automatically deleted by the hosting, and I can’t restore a backup in wordpress because of this , so I would like you to solve this problem and allow the .wpress extension, since this is part of wordpress

Se esta extensão de arquivo não é liberado na hospedagem, eu não posso restaurar o backup do wordpress :confused:

If this file extension (.wpress) is not allowed on hosting, I can’t restore wordpress backup :confused:

Hi and welcome to the forum! The backup you’re uploading exceeds the file size limit if you upload it directly to the plugin; also, there is no way you can use backup plugins to restore a backup on free hosting. You’ll have to do the backup this way:

and restore it this way:

Also, read the article where it talks about the file size limit as well:


I upload the file directly to the plugin directory via ftp, but when it finishes it is automatically deleted before I can access the wordpress dashboard and restore

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