Wordpress publishing failed


Wordpress says: cannot publish, you are probably offline when trying to publish or save draft of a new page.

According to wordpress Rest API is working fine. When I try to reinstall wordpress from the wordpress admin panel it stops at unpacking package.
I cannot use the classic editor as it is missing pretty much everything as seen here:

I can save drafts with the classic editor, but nothing else, it won’t even let me type.
Cloudflare reported one blocked ip in the firewall, which is apparently from ripe.net
I’m using the free version of Envo Magazine so maybe that’s limiting the pagecount but I see no reference to any such limit in the docs for the theme.

Use Softaculous, else use manual ftp. Free hosting probably cannot handle that.

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I would suggest Softaculous as @KangJL Suggested.

I recommend to try switching the Theme and trying to create or edit the post and if you can after the switch then it probably the theme causing issues.

If not, Try disabling Plugins and trying it.

If all that doesn’t help Try reinstalling Your wordpress as suggested above through Softaculous or FTP.

reinstalling WP did nothing, changing themes and plugins did nothing either

i reinstalled several times, and deactivated every plugin and theme at my disposal nothing has changed. RestAPI still says “available”

How about fresh install with only default theme and no plugin?

I did, i even installed downgraded versions but nothing changed

Just realise you are using CloudFlare. You need to refresh browser and CF cache

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Sharp observation! That’s really important.

Because using WordPress with Cloudflare without configuring both of them properly has the tendency to cause weird errors like this. That’s why we wrote this article to help you set it up correctly:

Can you please ensure the website is setup as described in that article? Notably Automatic HTTPS Rewrites has the tendency to cause weird errors, so it should be avoided whenever possible.


Thanks, cloudflare has caused issues in the past, I’ll follow the article and post my results

It works thanks

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