Wordpress problem

Nice and fun wordpress. I made a landingpage how the f can i now host my website with infinty free?

As mentioned in your previous topic:

If you do not fill in the template and don’t share details about what you’re facing, we can’t help you.
Please share your URL, and a screenshot showcasing the error you’re facing along with information on how you got there would help.

How did you make a landing page? Did you install WordPress on your domain via Softaculous?


Yes i installed via Softaculous?

If you don’t provide the information we ask for, we can’t help you.


If you don’t like WordPress, then use something else. And if you don’t know how to use WordPress, learn for yourself.

As I told you in your other topic, a hosting account is a blank canvas. You can build your website in the way you want.

You can use Site.pro, WordPress or whatever we tell you to use. But you can also ignore all of that and use something else. It’s entirely up to you. We don’t force you to use anything.

You and only you are in control of your website. But with great power comes great responsibility. That responsibility is that it’s up to you to choose a tool you can work with to build your website, to learn how to use that tool, and to make sure that this tool keeps working.


Where can i access my blank canva as now i can’t see it

“Blank Canvas” is an expression meaning that you can do (pretty much) whatever you want with your account. Basically saying that you are not being forced to use a specific piece of software to build your site.


Oh- So software from outside can be added?

Yeah… Thats what WordPress is…


I mean by me.

Absolutely! You can upload your own HTML/CSS/JS/PHP code using our file manager or any FTP client of your choice (FileZilla is a popular option). Many different options are available through Softaculous, but if you want to use software that’s not included in Softaculous, or want to build something else yourself, you’re completely free to upload whatever code you want!

All we do is give you space to upload website code, a PHP runtime and MySQL databases. What software you use to build and manage your website is entirely up to you. We don’t force you to use anything.

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Okay,Buy can i add a software for example Figma as a wesbite builder

As long as it exports files that we support, sure!


Do yall have twitter or YouTube account with these basic tutorials instead of Community page? I love the page only i found YouTube tutorials easier. if not do you recommend one? (No promotional intention)

I have a few in my channel here:

Click here for the playlist link. Discourse decided to import it weirdly.

Otherwise you can probably find some just be searching. There are no official socials for IF.


As far as I know, Figma is only a design mockup tool, it doesn’t actually produce website files. Most people I see who use Figma only use it to draw what the site should look like, and then build the website in another tool.

But a quick Google search tells me that there are addons for Figma like Figment and Maker than can produce web pages, and I would assume that the files they produce can be uploaded here.

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