WordPress plugins question

What wordpress apps should you not use with this hosting? I’ve seen on the forum here just within a week about website being remove due to apps on wordpress . Trying to avoid using them .

As far as I know you cannot use any of WordPress apps on this hosting?

I thought you mean something like WordPress mobile app. My bad.

Btw these are Wordpress plugins not apps.

Here is what Plugin’s i currently use on my site. I always check each plugin before installing them

Chat scripts aren’t allowed. Remove the 4th plugin.

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So you need me to remove

contact form 7

These plugin’s have been cleared my word as being safe to use

I’m sorry but liveChat script isn’t allowed on our hosting, regardless of they’re safe or not.


I have removed chat plugin at your request. can you send send me a list of plugin’s that you can’t use for my records

Nulled and cracked plugins. And plugins containing whatever that breaks ToS.
They’re plentiful. I cannot count.


You could just use chat script from a trusted third-party?

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Yes. Just not being hosted on our host.


my live chat is a third-party chat system . They just have a plugin for wordpress. can you tell me a good third-party chat service i can use the only ones i know of are mylivechat an pure-chat and they both have plugin’s . I would like to speak with a admin please

Please note that “third party chat system” means “chat system where the actual chat messages are exchanged through a third party service without touching your website”.

MyLiveChat seems to tick that box. It’s actually a hosted system and the plugin just seems to add their own hosted widget to the page. So that’s probably fine.

Please note that not everyone here is familiar with live chat plugins for WordPress, so the immediate response of “live chat = banned” is a generalization which may not apply to your website.


Dear Admin , That is correct i only use live chats that are hosted on other server’s And the and the volunteer’s you have working this work need more Training on wordpress . I am requesting Volunteer be trained more on wordpress . And the the Term of service be updated to say Thurd party chat plug ins can be use . A a special needs user i’m call for change . And it starts with more Training for volunteer that help run this forum . I hate to rant but when you are told to due something without pruff under the terms of service That is what upsets me the most . I hope to here from you again. Because as a handicapped user of your service i would like action taken. I will not readd my chat plug without your ok directy from you the admin of the service

Volunteers are volunteers who help people here from their own knowledge and experience. We don’t offer special training for them.

And even if they have training about WordPress, I wouldn’t personally consider learning the contents of the WordPress plugin store by heart to be a good part of the curriculum. Knowing WordPress and knowing every plugin for WordPress ever developed are not exactly the same thing.

The rules are “you cannot host live chat scripts with us”. But you’re not hosting a live chat script with us, you’ve essentially got a basic HTML/javascript snippet included on your web page to add an external live chat provider to your site. That is not “hosting a live chat script with us”. The fact that the live chat service provider chose to distribute this widget/snippet through a WordPress plugin makes it all a bit harder to distinguish.

But I honestly don’t know how to clarify the terms in a concise way that makes this distinction clear.


Thank you for all your help.

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