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Hi guys, did you have a suggestion on what plugin should i install in wordpress?

What do you want it to do? You really shouldn’t install random plugins on your site (Unless they are absolutely necessary), as they can slow down your some and bring you closer to the suspension limits. If your looking for something specific, let us know.

i really need is a perfect theme, website builder and SEO.

That’s opinionated, and technically not a plugin.

Is that not what WordPress is?

You have to work hard for that. Although there are many SEO plugins (That all claim to be the best), I believe the best way is to do it all by hand, as you will have complete control over everything (Then again, WordPress is not the best for SEO).

I really forgot about themes. Should i use divi or elementor?

up to you, but i have never heard of divi, but i heard elementor is quite good.

Divi is better and it’s also a theme.

Yoast SEO is good.

Why exactly?

Divi is good, but if you want something free I recommend PageLayer or Elementor. If you chose a theme in softaculous PageLayer is automatically included.
Or use the defult website builder Gutenberg

Use Astra

  • Free Starter Template

Well its on you, But i recommend Elementor

  • All widgets
  • Cheap
  • Template library
  • Blocks

Also you can install Element kits

  • More blocks and widget
  • Free to use
  • Footer and Header creator
  • Free to use Templates

Well you will gonna work hard for that, You can use this plugins to enhance your SEO

  • Yoast SeO
  • RankMath
  • All in one SEO

Recommended Plugins

  • WordFence Security
  • Jetpack
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • WPforms
  • Ultimate Member
  • Force SSL(if you use custom domain and have Certificate)
  • UDarftPlus(Backup your website)
  • WP Optimize
  • Really Simple SSL(you need certificate)
  • SiteGround
  • Translate Wordpress

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Only use this if you really need it. It uses a lot of power, and can quickly lead you to limits.

Manual backups are better, because if your website gets corrupted or fails, I don’t think you can use this plugin to fix it (As you won’t be able to access the admin area)

In general, keep plugins to a minimum, unless you really need them. I also recommend the lightweight Headers and Footers plugin.

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If you succesfully connect it to Wordpress.com it’s not gonna use so much power.

Yeah that’t right that’s why it’s optional.

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I use Elementor to build my homepage and Gutenburg on my posts. I use Rank Math SEO since it is easier to use, faster, and has more features than Yoast. I use Generate Press since my website is a blog and is the most lightweight theme you can find. However Hello Elementor i great for Portfolios and is the 2nd most lightweight theme.

I like to use Optimole for Image Optimization (since it offers the best compression up to 90%, WebP , and an Amazon Cloudfront CDN), W3 Total Cache for caching, and Asset cleanup for script disabling. Here are my website results:

Use Astra, Hello Elementor or Divi

Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, Nicepage(download via

Use Rank Math, it’s more better than yoast SEO and All in one SEO

Also you can look more plugins in https://wordpress.org

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@NexusSpace If you want your image to load more faster install a plugin or use javascript
How To Lazy Load Your Images With Just One Line Of Javascript - #6 by anon77371365 :slightly_smiling_face:

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