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My site:
had problems connecting to the mysql database, I entered the wp-config file and noticed that it had hostname, user name and password changed, I am unaware of this activity, I don’t know how someone could access them besides me. The reason for my query is that I fixed the data to the corresponding ones and when accessing the site it asked me to install WordPress again, I did so and when I entered the wp-admin I see that the plugins are outdated and all the changes that my page had were no longer are, it appears as if the site had just been created. As you will see in the attached photo, my files still have an old date but I don’t know how I can recover my site again, please help me. I don’t have much knowledge of WordPress and when I enter backups in CPANEL it only tells me a few steps to download the files. When I try, I get an error when I try from “monsta” file manager, what can i do?

From your backup, if you have one in the first place

Use filezilla?


I don’t have a backup, and filezila can be used to download from monsta file manager to the computer?

Then you cannot recover your website



thanks for your answer, for another website that I am going to build in WordPress, how can I make a backup, what plugin or tool do you recommend?

I don’t recommend any plugins for this thing — they are all bloat, and hard to use.

Follow this guide instead:


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