Wordpress not being detected on my domain and sub domains

For the website: lyricsmagnet.com and subdomains: telugu.lyricsmagnet.com and hindi.lyricsmagnet.com, wordpress is not being detected when I use CMS detector like https://cmsdetect.com/

Even, when I try to login to my dashboard from wordpress android app, I get a message like “site is not found because it may not have wordpress”. Same happens with my subdomains as well. Kindly resolve this for me.

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Likely due to this

Tried CloudFlare?


Using Cloudflare will help bypass the security filter. But you can also just use the admin panel on your website directly (without the WordPress Android app) to manage your site.

And instead of using a CMS detector to detect that you are using WordPress, just see your own site and see that it’s using WordPress.


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