Wordpress migartion limits

I am using all in one migrations and trying to import my website. The limit is 10 mb but my website is 140 mb. I edited the htacces file so the limit is 150 mb. But in the admin panel it still says 10 mb max. Any suggestions on what i should do?

Hi and welcome to the forum! You can’t use backup plugins to import your website, nor can you increase the file size limit on free hosting. You’ll have to migrate your website this way:


What exactly do i have to change in the configuration file? The hostname stays the same, i change the database name, and then where do i find the database password and username?

Looks dobutful to me. Remember we don’t use localhost here.

You can find both hostname and your MySQL username & password in your client area. Click on your account and navigate to “MySQL Databases” section.


What i did was download wordpress on the website, then create a new database on which i imported the old one. The wp-config file already contains the hostname “sql309.byetcluster.com” and all the data for the default database.

When i check the MySQL Databases the username is “if0_34871990” but when i check the wp-config file the db username is “34871990_2”.

Any suggestions on what i need to do, or a video turtorial i can follow?

This is normal when you use softaculous. You should change it to if0_34871990, as it won’t hurt.

You should really make sure that this is the right host, copy paste the host shown in your client area.


So i just have to copy and paste the data from here to the wp-config file?

Yes. After this it should work.

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i changed the db name to the one in the i need, the db username to the one you can see in the picture above and the hostname to the one you can see in the picture above. I am still getting a database error when trying to load the page.

Are you sure i have to change the hostname? if a go back to the default database, for the website to work i need to put in a differant hostname then the one you can see in the picture.

Now you’ll also have to change the database password, which is the same as your Control Panel’s password and can be found by logging into the Client Area, clicking on the hosting account, going to “Account Details” and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password. Softaculous’s database password won’t work to log in to the database user, which is the Control Panel user.


Thanks! Now i can access the page but i have a new problem - it shows the default wordpress page. I checked the database and it has all the tables so nothing went wrong during the import process.

Look at the content.

Also make sure that the table prefix is correct (Softaculous doesn’t like wp_, it tends to add 2 more characters to it so it looks like wpth_, wpir_, etc.)


Didnt understand what you mean by “Look at the content”. Do you mean that i should check the wp-content folder in the file manager?

Sorry that I was unclear,
You should look at your tables content, and decide which is the right prefix.

Especially you wanted to look for tables that end with posts


Here is a view of the database. I have not done this in the past, so its unclear what i have to do next.

The database credentials look like they have been generated by Softaculous. If so, then no need to modify them, because the credentials just work and have already been set up.

If you want to transplant an existing database into a new WordPress installation, you can do the following:

  1. Delete all the tables in the database created by Softaculous (through phpMyAdmin).
  2. Import the backup of your database you want to restore (again through phpMyAdmin).
  3. Carefully take a look at the table prefix, this is the common set of characters that all table names start with. Usually it’s either wp_ or something like wpXXX_.
  4. Open the wp-config.php in file file manager, file the line that starts with $table_prefix =, and replace the value between quotes with the table prefix you found before.

Now you can try to access your website. If it does anything other than complain about the database connection, you’re good so far.

But you’ll most likely still need to change your site URL. There are a couple of ways to do that, all of them described here: https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/changing-the-site-url/


Once i made the changes to the database, when trying to open the page it didnt load. Is that a good sign?

Also changed the site URL in the wp-config file, but it still doesn’t load.

It doesnt load when i change the table prefix to wp_ but all the tables have this prefix. When i change it to wpam_ it loads the language screen.