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I have checked that my login credentials multiple times to verify that the username and password I attempt to login with are correct and they are correct but l still cant access my admin dashboard and i keep getting the error message below…
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“The username Miss Mary is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead.”

I did not create the WordPress account with my email when i was hosting it on infinity free, i used a username.

I am working on WordPress directly on the WordPress website and I don’t have WordPress setup locally on my machine. Please find the solution to this issue and surf the web if you need to for all possible solutions to this problem.

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Did you install WordPress with Softaculous? If so, you may be able to login to WordPress from there, as well as find (and possibly update) your admin credentials.

Regardless, the admin credentials of your site are the credentials you chose when installing the site. They do not match your hosting account or client area credentials, unless you happened to choose those of course.

If you can’t find or remember your credentials, you can find and reset your credentials under the hood of WordPress, for example through the database:


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