Wordpress load slow

Domain: pcbuy.epizy.com
Account: epiz_32012116

i am having problem with my third account. after installing wordpress the webaite become ultra slow. each page takes aroynd 12 to 20 seconds to load. please help

Long loading time is normal for WordPress, however, 12 seconds is a bit long (It loaded in about 11 for me). Your themes and plugins are most likely what is making it that slow.

As for an explanation for the general slow loading, that is because of WP-cron. I like this anology from @wackyblackie to explain it:

Imagine you have an old computer, you want to use it but it is off.
Now you have to wait for it to boot, which can take a while.
But once it’s booted, you can use it, and when it becomes idle, it responds quickly.
Eventually, it shouts off because you haven’t used it in a while, so the next time you want to use it, you must boot it up again.


What version of wp and what theme?

I’d try replacing the theme and see if there are improvements

i tryed wordpress 6.0 and 5.9.3 but the resut was same. i am using shoppingcart free theam. i used defrent theam but result was same.

now i only have defoult plugin installed but unactive
(Akismet Anti-Spam & Hello Dolly)

I am using WP 5.9 and I have the same problem, but the thing is my webpage either loads after 30 seconds, or gives an error 503 or 500. Really unhappy with the situation atm


I got the same result from wp 6.0

Every thing is slow.

Webpage, Dashboard, Posting, Installing etc.

even editing the tempate, sometimes i get an error and sometimes it takes too long to load

Official docs advise PHP 8 for the best experience. Since IF doesn’t PHP 8 yet, things might be just slow for now.




i am not a php expert. i only know basic html and css. So i Don’t understand what (IF Doesn’t PHP 8 yet) means.

Do you mean it will fix automatically?

as for wp-cron

i did disable cron. but it did not work. It’s not just first time loading problem. the hole wp respond slowly every time

That’s because you disabled wp-cron.

It means the InfinityFree does not support PHP 8 yet.

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PHP 8 is version 8 of the PHP programming language. Currently, that version is not installed on InfinityFree’s servers.

And @BagmanPT, could you please share your URL?


@Greenreader9 website URL is http://www.acesportugal.com/wp

nope, but will when PHP v8 will be added to the list of supported PHP versions.

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My othet account website is doing well without PHP 8


Do you use different themes/plugins for each of your sites?
This could cause them to act differently.


I have finally solved the problem. it was very simple. I forgot to do something very importent. Force redirect https using .htaccess. I didn’t know it was this importent.

Thank you all for helping me.


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