Wordpress isnt working

I Installed Wordpress in my Cpanel. All domain configuration was correct but the Wordpress isn’t loading its admin panel and showing an error. any solutions?

What’s your site url and what error do you get while accessing admin panel?


my site url is
but last night I activated SSL from Cloudflare. but it wasn’t working before that. it ran good 1.5 days but after that it was down. site wast showing and I also can’t access the admin panel

To solve this problem, go to your Cloudflare dashboard, click on your domain, on “DNS” and delete all records present in there (if present). Then, click on “Add record” and you’ll want to add the following DNS records:

  • A CNAME record with name @ and as target your Main Domain. How to find your Main Domain
  • Another CNAME record with name www and target @.
  • A MX record with name @, target mx.epizy.com and priority 10 (to receive emails).
  • Optionally, other CNAME records with your subdomains’ names as names and target @ (if you also added subdomains for your domain).

BTW, your domain is also pointing to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com over Cloudflare nameservers, and so the DNS changes might vary from nameserver to nameserver, and if you’re using Cloudflare from their dashboard directly, it’s highly recommended to remove our nameservers and use only Cloudflare’s ones.


are you using flexible SSL from cloudflare?

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