Wordpress is not working


I’m facing an issue while using wordpress. WordPress is not working properly. themes and plugins are not working.

Related article says it might be server error and asks me to reach out to the server administration/hosting provider to fix this issue.

Can you please take a look. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!

Instead of just telling it as an issue,can you give us some ScreenShots

it happen every time when i use wordpress.

please fix this as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance

I would like to call in @allroundernaman because he is in the WP Field.

Well first welcome to the forums.
Then secondly, this issue has nothing to do with host.
Your themes and plugin is causing the problem.

  1. Disable all the themes and plugins.
  2. Revert back to the default Twenty-Twenty Theme by wordpress.

Check if the issue is resolved. Also please don’t bump here, because you need to wait for a day to clear out everything, or just clear site data, cache and cookies in your browsers to see the changes.

Now I expect the issue to be resolved.

  • Turn back your plugins and themes one by one and test in the another browser tab.
    Once you get your site corrupted again, you will get to know which plugin/theme was the culprit and causing the broken site issue.

I hope it will help.



But sir I can’t open wordpress in my site. when i try to open that happend

Hmm, i cannot see any wordpress websites in your site.

sir, please recheck now

I can see a Wordpress Site.
Can you tell what plugins,themes were installed?


  1. astra
    2.twenty nineteen
    3.twenty seventeen
    4.twenty twenty
  2. akismet anti-spam
  3. hello dolly
    that’s all

Ah in case you are unable to open your dashboard, you can follow my steps from FTP.
In your case, I will recommend you reinstalling wordpress properly again from softaculous.


Also do you have real astra theme?
Also please don’t use nulled content IF using,
Theme might be causing this conflict. Disable the Astra theme using FTP by renaming the folder to Astra.old


This is all really unnecessary. The real fix to the problem is to force https and stop mixed content. It has nothing to do with the themes or plugins whatsoever.


So does that works @PROJECTETHENE?

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