WordPress internal pages redirect to infinityfree


Why is it that all over a sudden my internal site pages redirect to infinityfree with a 404 message… cannot even access site wp dashboard. All internal created posts and pages affected.
And as I stated prior are being redirected here https://infinityfree.net/errors/404/

I’m using the current WordPress version.

Did You Installed The WordPress In Softaculous Yet?

Yes. they have installed.

Make sure to carefully check the files from cpanel and file manager or probably your .htaccess file is corrupted

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I created a .htaccess file on docs as per cpanel instructions but I cannot save the file after I have inserted the WordPress code. No save button loads on the . htaccess file page. I am stumped right now.

i’m confused. does that happens for other files too?

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YES I CANNOT EDIT AND SAVE ANY FILE…NONE…I SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOT INVOLVED WITH THIS PLATFORM… Cannot find other way but to delete the site…have no wp access at all and cannot edit files to access the site…

i mean. you may need to clear your cache :)

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Thanks again BayoDino you did it again for me, finally managed to create an .htaccess file. Looks like the issue was the chrome browser does not seem to load the save button on the files, tried firefox andit has worked perfectly…thanks for your suggestion the sites is up and running…owe you plenty…and happy coding…learn that AI code thing…cheers

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glad it is fixed :D

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