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Everytime i install WordPress keep telling me Checking the submitted data (95 %) forever

Hi you may want to try manual WordPress installation?


I am not expert in that, just installing from my cPanel apps

Try accessing the cpanel in an incognito tab? Then try to install?


I did that for more than 5 times it ends logout then login

Maybe try in another browser? Clear cache, etc. is advisable.


I tried both edge and chrome

Try a non-Chromium browser such as Firefox if possible.
Other than that, how long are you usually waiting before stopping it?

There is also a chance that leftover files might be blocking the installation, if you do not have anything you need there try deleting the contents of your domain’s htdocs folder and then re-try the installation.

If all else fails, you may have to perform a manual installation as suggested above.

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It seems to I have some issue with my files in the doc directory, see attached

All looks disabled

What do you mean by “looks disabled”? The index file just needs the “_” removed.


Is that is why I could not install WordPress?

No idea. Is your website working, and if not, did you try (deleting all the files there and) retrying the installation?

It is totally new website just started to install along with WordPress, I will delete all files as you said and see

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