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I have trying to import my old domain data to new one and the both websites run on wordpress but when I have upload XML file to new website then everytime showing me an error just like “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” but I haven’t receive any email.

I don’t understand what is the issue. please help me admin.

Website import scripts are always dangerous. They are big, complicated pieces of code with lots of moving parts which can all break in spectacular ways.

Unless there is a really good reason why it isn’t an option (for example when moving from or to a Multisite installation), the easiest and most reliable way to move a website is like this:


Thanks for your reply
But actually I want to change my domain name, that’s why I am trying to import sub domain to purchased domain.

Could you please help me, how can I do that, without the change the database?
Could you please help me how can I change the domain without change the hosting place, with the same database?

If the domain is added to the same account as the subdomain, you need to move the WordPress files from the main htdocs to yourdomain/htdocs, where yourdomain is the domain you added on the Panel, and then with phpMyAdmin change the WordPress URL from the subdomain to the domain.

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Did you mean to say, I have to add that new domain in the same account (old domain) into the addon domain?

Yes, you have to add the domain in the same account on Addon Domains.

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Many Many Thanks Ergastolator1.

Thanks one again.

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