Wordpress giving Error code 500

Hey there, I am using Wordpress for my blog, on InfinityFree website, but it is not responding from the last 7 days. Each time I open my website it gives me Error code 500. Destination of my blog is kartikgambhir.rf.gd/blog

I haven’t really tried WordPress as it shows it’s branding. And there are many scripts which give error 500 on InfinityFree. The only solution that works for me is that not to use those scripts.

To make blogs, well, I’m using Adobe Muse as of now to make blogs for my friend. However, beware while using Adobe Muse as Adobe has discontinued it.

If you wanna continue with WordPress, you might want to check your InfinityFree logs to see what exactly is giving problems or check here: https://infinityfree.net/support/http-error-500/

It might be your php version. Try to change it and see if it does anything. Otherwise turn on error reporting on.