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I am trying to use upload wordpress. When I use the native WordPress I get the WordPress.com. erosion with does not allow third party plugins. I down loaded from WordPress.off which allows third party plugins, it appears to be fine. I start to add a plugin and it doesn’t load. When I refresh I loose the ability to add plugins without upgrading to a bushes account that wordpress.com offers.

Some auto-corrector issues here and there, and on your precedent post, the URL is a subdomain of epoxy.com instead of epizy.com which won’t work (corrected it with {subdomain name}.epizy.com and it worked). However, you can install plugins via FTP if it doesn’t install here. See this guide to install plugins with FTP.

I’m sorry, but where do you see this? WordPress.org, is free software, which can be fully customized with any and all plugins and themes without every having to do anything with WordPress.com (exceptions of course being plugins from WordPress.com, like Jetpack).

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