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Hi all,
I think that there’s a problem with lateral pane of WordPress’ posts. Basically, the featured image panel doesn’t appear.
I supposed that was dued to some plugin or my custom theme, but after many tests disabling and changing all of them, as developer, I think that it could be a problem dued to hosting, in particular it could be the PHP version.
Infact, I tried to install the site in an other environment and locally and it works fine.
Any helps or aknowledge about a troubleshoot from Infinityfree IT team?

If you want help, you need to fill out the template.

What is your URL, and what page specifically has the missing image?


Hi, the URL is http://itrip.infinityfreeapp.com/.
For several months I have been unable to add featured images to any post and CPT (posts with featured images already created and assigned, but also for them there is no featured image pane).

All the images seem to be loading fine for me, can you provide a URL where you are having the issue?

Also, from a UX perspective, the loading screen is horrible, especially considering that the main page content is already loaded, and can be viewed on scroll.


Thanks for you suggestion.
Anyway, the problem is not related to the specific site but it seems a problem at hosting level.
My question is if there is someone who knows this problem, because reading logs there’s no problem at CMS level (PHP and FE side both).

To clarify my above statement:

I don’t see anything wrong with your website or images displaying. Please share the URL (and a screenshot if you can) of a page that is missing the image.



I can see your images in my browser (Vivaldi which is Chrome based)


Yeah, it’s correct what you see.
But if I try to create a post ex novo, you can see in HP that once upon a time in the last post ("Monteriggioni, Siena e San Gimignano) I could insert the featured image.

But in the my last post, in private yet, I cannot assign a featured image.
Looking at the back-end of these posts, for both of them the WP side panel of the featured image is no longer present.

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Featured images are a core WordPress feature, and WordPress itself still officially supports PHP 7.4, so that should just work in terms of PHP versions. However, plugins for WordPress may have their own version constraints, and it’s possible that a plugin (or an update to a plugin) broke your site.

You may want to disable all plugins on your site and see if that brings back the featured image option. If that solves it, you can try to find which plugin is causing the issue.


Thank you, but as said, I’ve already tried to deactivate all plugins and setted default WP theme.
Could be it a problem of machine hosting’s performance, considering the basic plan?
Nobody has encountered this issue?

One test you could do is go to your account page and create a new account (you can have up to 3). Pick a new subdomain and wait for it to get set up. After you go to your new subdomain and see that it is working, go to Softaculous and install a generic copy of WordPress with zero plugins or themes. Just use the default settings with no extras. See if that works. I don’t think the server is the problem. I have installed WordPress on InfinityFree before and it worked properly.

If the generic installation works then it is most likely a problem with your specific configuration of WordPress that you set up. (e.g. themes or plugins or configuration settings).

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I tried and I confirm (checked also the panels options):

So it’s a hosting problem. How we can contact hosting IT support?

This is “hosting IT support”. Free accounts don’t have a dedicated support system. You have to have premium hosting with iFastNet to get premium support options. The admin and employees of InfinityFree post in this forum regularly and they see the issues posted here.

What makes you believe that it’s a hosting problem?

What is your expected behavior for this software?

Is this a WordPress issue?

I don’t see how the hosting service is the problem. Could it be a bug in WordPress?

I don’t see how poor performance could cause a particular feature to just disappear. Even it being caused by a code crash is unlikely. It would make much more sense if it was a configuration issue, theme issue or plugin issue.

I don’t know why your site has this issue, but I see nothing to suggest that this is a hosting issue. So without doing in-depth troubleshooting on your site, I don’t know how I can help you with this.


I managed hosting configurations but I cannot see how Softaculus install properly WP.
So we can wait for the fix… If you try to install a new WP environment you see the featured image pane?

One thing you can do is install WordPress yourself directly from their site. Maybe try it on the test account you created?

Remove all Softaculus installations of WordPress. Remove all Databases. And empty out your htdocs directory. (Completely get rid of WordPress from Softaculous). Then, go here and download the latest version of WordPress:

Unpack it on your machine and FTP the files to the test server. There is an installation guide here: https://developer.wordpress.org/advanced-administration/before-install/howto-install/

This way your install is 100% “fresh” from WordPress. It’s all their software and it doesn’t use Softaculous at all. You could test the features and see if they function the way you expect.

This would confirm for certain if it’s a WordPress issue or a Softaculous issue.

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