WordPress Failed to Write File to Disk Error

My website is: iminvestimentos.com

I installed wordpress manually via FTP, i can enter the panel normally, but when i try to upload a theme or plugin i’m getting the WordPress Failed to Write File to Disk Error
I’ve tried the file permission fix but i’m still getting the error
If anyone knows how to fix these error, pls help me

Some errors on your English grammar, I see. Try to upload the themes and plugins via FTP using FileZilla, the Monsta FTP or net2ftp too. The themes should go in htdocs/wp-content/themes, while the plugins should go in htdocs/wp-content/plugins.

How big is the theme you’re trying to upload? Please keep in mind that there is a 10 MB file size limit on free hosting.

If you need to install a plugin or theme which is larger than 10 MB in size, you will need to install it by hand, like @Ergastolator1 suggested.

after a few hours i was able to upload again

iFastNet has bumped the upload limit to 11 MB, which might be just enough to upload your plugins and themes.

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